The Vibrant Unknown & the whisper in our hearts

We all have these whispers in our hearts that are also known as our intuition, gut feeling, our third sense, inner voice, to do something. These whispers could be very subtle and incredibly soft, that is why I call it a “whisper”. It could whisper to us to seek solitude, to quit a job, to eat healthier, to leave a relationship, to write a book…

Sometimes it is very hard to hear these whispers, especially if we keep and have grown up to choose our ego repeatedly – ego being defined as our fear and fear of others, self- doubt, our pride, our judgements of ourselves, judgements of others, resentment, the should’s that we place on ourselves through the world, and the loops of what we “have to do” or what we “can’t do”. It could be hard as well if we grew up being people pleasers and not knowing our own self, our own needs, our own wants, and our own desires. Sometimes we decide not to listen or act on our whispers because it’s such an unknown.

We all want to see a picture of what the outcomes could be, even if they are images and situations, we create for ourselves. We want to foresee the steps of where these whispers could take us. This type of knowing gives us a sense of safety, a sense of control, a sense of trust and faith, without realizing that stepping into these whispers without all of is faith. If our minds can’t make sense of it, we tend to not trust, freak out, loose it, become anxious and feel overwhelmed. We also make the choice to not listen and keep going forward with uncomfortable feelings and settling to be unhappy, labeling it or titling it how that is just life.

The thing about the whispers in our hearts is that we don’t have to take any action to begin with. All we must do at first is simply listen. We are so afraid to listen thinking that we must act on what we discover within ourselves, that we have to figure out these steps and do it now. However, the action itself is to simply give yourself room to listen to the whisper in your heart – that gentle whisper will also guide you, even if the next guidance or the next step is to do nothing.

The journey of the unknown transforms into the Vibrant Unknown.

A vibrant unknown that is filled with colorful interactions with people who forever leave footprints in your heart. It leads you to vibrant experiences and places you never imaged or dreamed of, and it leads you to one of the most vibrant relationships you will ever have, the one with yourself.

Sometimes, stepping into the vibrant unknown is not easy. It takes us through a journey that guides us to take a look at our shadows, being as trustful as we could be with ourselves. Being honest with where we are at and what stories we tell ourselves that root from fear and judgment.

Sometimes, it can take us through a journey of taking a look at our past, our suffering and pain, the roots of the stories that have prevented us live a joyful and authentic life. This journey can guide us to heal, and to get deeply in touch with ourselves.

It takes work, showing up for yourself, commitment, willingness, and an open heart.
However, the vibrant unknown will lead you to feel a peace that you may have never felt before, to growing faith, it will lead you to what you have been so desperate to find outside of yourself – within yourself, laughter, to feel heard, seen, and loved, and a deep connection with yourself.

Currently I am in the process of summiting a book about this journey, stay tuned for more info!

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