I’ve known Nereyda for many years now. She was involved in our youth leadership program when I was its coordinator.
Even as a youth, we could tell that Nereyda was a natural-born leader. She always commanded respect and admiration from her peers and had a compelling way of connecting with everyone.
Over the years, I have witnessed her continue to build and develop her skills, becoming a passionate and powerful speaker. As a speaker, I believe Nereyda’s gift lies in her ability to connect with her audience on a deep and personal level and bestow wisdom to them in a simple and profound way that is both relevant and inspiring. She is a truly talented individual.

Jorge Ledezma
Garden Grove, CA

Life Coach

After my experience with Nereyda as my life coach and mentor, I can easily say that even after a few short weeks that there has been a definitive positive impact.
After being introduced to the practice of meditation and its benefits, it has now become a daily exercise that I look forward to.
For me personally, I like to do it at the beginning of the day, and notice that it has really helped to improve my mood and help with my insecurities. Nereyda does a great job as a sounding board for when I need someone to discuss my daily obstacles, insecurities, and issues with.
I am deeply appreciated by her positive perspective and calming way of delivering kind words and advice afterward, helping me to shift my mindset on whatever problem I find that is weighing me down.
I think what’s most important is how she really presses upon you the practice of keeping a positive mindset, and helps to find exercises that would be effective for you personally…
I’ll find myself down/stressed/doubting myself but thanks to her I am able to be conscious that that feeling isn’t permanent, to process it, and practice a more optimistic approach to the situation… I highly recommend anyone considering a life coach to inquire with her, she is good at what she does, and thankfully is very flexible with her time.

Zach Bizarro
Fullerton, CA

Guided Meditation

Nereyda has a natural gift of attracting positive energy.
I started attending her guided meditations over a year ago. Her gentle guidance provides an open and safe atmosphere for mindfulness.
I have trouble with concentration during meditation and her technique of letting conflicting thoughts pass through the sky like clouds truly helped me focus and begin to manifest the peace inside me.
These meditation sessions have been crucial in helping to cope with a terrible period of grief and loss in my life.
She encourages you to tap into the positive energy buried deep inside and open up again to the possibilities of the universe.

Jody Kurash
Hanoi, Vietnam

Workshop Nereyda jointly created, led, & facilitated.

You two (Karla & Nereyda) are few of the people I have ever known who could hold a pure space of love.
A space where you lovingly helped point out to me, that my judgments were me, reflecting on me.
This moment forever changed me. If we could get each person to see it this way, we would have more love in this world. Dare to dream.
Step into this powerful space of pure, unconditional love. Bring only yourself. (They) will remind you that you are love. You are accepted, just as you are, with all of your flaws, vulnerabilities, dreams, and aspirations. (They) will guide you back onto your path to your journey in the most beautiful way.
They have forever changed my life. I cannot express my love and gratitude for Nereyda and Karla, and I cannot recommend them and their workshops enough!!
Some people come into our lives, grow love within our hearts, and we carry it forever.
This is what you will experience here.

Stephanie Ballantyne
Salt Lake City, Utah

Life Coach

Working with Nereyda has been a great experience.
There are many great qualities that she holds, she has a way of making you feel comfortable and understood. Her laugh can make your day better.
She is a great listener and makes you see things in perspective.
She reminds you that it is okay to feel your feelings, but also that there are many things to be grateful for. She is an amazing coach and an amazing person striving to make you the best version of yourself.

Esly Lopez
Riverside, CA

Life Coach

Truly a genuine person.
Nereyda is intentional and authentic and makes it her priority to provide her undivided attention to clients.
Her energy is inviting, and so optimistic. She was thorough but also considered my priorities, and areas I wanted to work on.
Overall, a great experience.

Stephanie Cortez
Fullerton, CA

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