My intention with Tea Time Thursday is to simply be love and share love.
To share different perspectives, share stories, things I’ve learned and am learning, and to connect.
Come and join me with your stories, comments, questions, or simply your Presence.

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Chapter 3 of my book, The Vibrant Unknown: how toxic positivity denies us from listening to us! forgiveness, what we want & need, & SO MUCH MORE!
t.t.t. #49

New Year goals? Manifestation, & how my red hair became a mistake into art.
t.t.t. #48


Jobs! My experience with my jobs.
Looking for jobs with intention, looking for jobs with desperation.
t.t.t. #47

Trigger warning – Sexual Abuse, mistrust and Trusting, cultural upbringing,
& some tears!
t.t.t. #46
w/ Hugo @hugochacon_x3

Sadness, grief, gratitude, joy and holding space for all
t.t.t. #45


Social work career, being burnt out, compassion fatigue, & so much more!
t.t.t. #44
w/ Erin
@openandresilient @queensparrowhawk

Bringing mindfulness and yoga to children, working with children, journey to Neem Karoli Baba, and so much more!
t.t.t. #43
w/ Jocelyn @weeyogis

Our religious backgrounds, spiritual trauma, journey to Neem Karoli Baba,
modeling career to a yogi
t.t.t. #42
w/ Kami @thehoneyseed_

Boundaries with family, touching on pain, growth, our personal path, & so much more!
t.t.t. #41
w/ Adriana @aaddrriiaannaaa_

Release and prayer meditation
t.t.t. #40

Getting to know me! From preference of warm light or bright light, to my first concert to universe / existential to sexuality & healing questions
t.t.t. #39

The “Shoulds” & expectations of our family and friends, the power of choice, & our own path
t.t.t. #38

Cvid positive, quarantined vibes, sharing the first chapter of my book –
The Vibrant Unknown
t.t.t. #37

Promiscuous? Have you ever used s3x to feel validated, loved, heard? ME TOO.
Cord cutting practice, & feeling empowered
t.t.t. #36

Soul Conversations! Lack & abundance of creativity, Trust, travels, & so much more!
t.t.t. #35
with Yavidan @yavidanvioleta

Prayer for Texas, Social media detox, love for Brene Brown, the power of storytelling & sharing our stories
t.t.t. #34

Rubenfeld Somatic synergy, somatic experiencing, therapy; myths of going, You aren’t crazy, and if you are – so what?
t.t.t. #33

Men can cry & heal too; insecurities, unhealthy habits to authenticity & integrity
t.t.t. #32
with Michael @mindfulmillennialcoaching

St. Patty’s Day! Game time
t.t.t. #31
with Janet @janet_4321

When plans don’t go as planned, experiences & lessons, surrendering
t.t.t. #30

Self – love, what is it? Boundaries; mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual
t.t.t. #29

Feeling stuck & what I do with it, seeing what is thriving, & the power of prayer
t.t.t. #28

Re-defining fatherhood, Hispanic perspective of a man, & so much more
t.t.t. #27
with Efrain @latin0dad_connection

Catching up post Covid + quarantined; became meditation teacher, reading, trauma healing, & more!
t.t.t. #26

t.t.t. #25 – studying abroad
Video uploading shortly.

The struggle to feel grateful, feeling unheard to heard, unseen to seen, & more!
t.t.t. #24

Dreams, numbers repeating, the universe holding your hold, & more!
t.t.t. #22/23

t.t.t. #21 Communication is Key
Video uploading shortly.

Breathing Meditation
t.t.t. #20

Ugly cry, the stories we tell ourselves, being vulnerable, feelings of loneliness, & more!
t.t.t. #19

Gratitude Meditation
t.t.t. #18

Day #4 of quarantine, choosing peace over comfort & instant gratification, & more!
t.t.t. #17
with Karla @lovingflow23

Doing what YOU want to do, turmoil within ourselves, psychedelics, & more!
t.t.t. #16

Our experiences visiting Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Taos, New Mexico
t.t.t. #15
with Karla @lovingflow23

Starting over, is it okay to start over?
t.t.t. #14

The joys & benefits of journaling
t.t.t. #13

Solo trip to India
My experience, vibrant souls, Neem Karoli Baba
t.t.t. #12

My top 6 spiritual teachers
why I love them & what they have taught me
t.t.t. #11

Traveling alone for the first time – Cancun, Mexico
My experience, what I learned, tips, & more!
t.t.t. #10

Raised & being Catholic to my own spiritual path
t.t.t. #9

Quality & Quantity of friendships
t.t.t. #8
with Karla @lovingflow23

When my motorbike stopped working in Vietnam
learning to let it beeee, let it bee, patience, & trusting
t.t.t. #7

Doubt, doubt, & more doubt!
the different ways I have coped with doubt
t.t.t. #6

My love for nature
what nature has taught me
t.t.t. #5

Breaking an engagement doesn’t mean relationship is over!
t.t.t. #4
with Karla @lovingflow23

Short of Live T.T. – We all have fears.
t.t.t. #3

I LOVE birthdays,
my perspective on Burthdays!
t.t.t. #2

Intention & inspiration with Tea Time
t.t.t. #1

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