Conversations with others

I love love love, did I say love? having conversations with others and hearing their stories, the different perspectives they have gained through their own personal journey and talking out loud and exploring together different concepts in life.

I have learned, gained such compassion, and have discovered so much though life through hearing other people’s stories, whether that be through books, podcasts, interviews, or conversations through my travels.

My intention with these videos is to give back in that way to whoever may be curious to learn something new, or who are pondering on similar concepts, to open up different perspectives and different ways of exploring and living.

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Is what we perceive / see reality or a construct of our mind?
with Victor @_victorious_v.i.c._

Soul Conversations! Lack & abundance of creativity, Trust, travels, & so much more!
with Yavidan @yavidanvioleta

Re-defining fatherhood, Hispanic perspective of a man, & so much more!
with Efrain @latin0dad_connection

Breaking an engagement doesn’t mean relationship is over!
with Karla @lovingflow23

Listening to understand, sharing different perspectives, spirituality, & more!
with Renaldo @undeneyeable

Behind the scenes of stepping into our own dreams, imposter syndrome, & more!
with Janine @janinebeynoncoaching

What is Fear and how do we overcome it? Our comfort zones, & more!
with Derek

Truths about spiritual growth, it’s not always rainbows and unicorns
with Karla @lovingflow23

Men can cry & heal too; insecurities, unhealthy habits to authenticity & integrity
with Michael @mindfulmillennialcoaching

Our experience visiting Taos Hanuman ji Ashram in New Mexico
with Karla @lovingflow23

Perspective, abundance, mantras, and affirmations
with Derek

Quality and Quantity of friendships
with Karla @lovingflow23

If you have a story you would love to share, reach out! Let’s connect.

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