Sharing my Travels through my Camera Lens

Vietnam 2019 – 2020

India 2019

Cambodia 2019

Cancun, Mexico – 2017

Italy and France -Summer 2016

52 Hike Challenge – 52 hikes


Photography has been such an interest and hobby of mine since I could remember. Even as a kid, I would be the one wanting to take photos of everything and everyone with my Kodak disposable cameras, capturing the moments, especially those candid moments to laugh and smile at later.

My passion for photography grew after taking a photography class as a senior in high school. My ex-boyfriend and I saved enough money to buy a Canon Camera, eventually buying one my own and venturing off to explore.

I love capturing nature, landscapes, buildings, candid, random to me shots.
When I am venturing out and taking shots, I am so immersed in the moment with the different forms, shapes, colors, and lines of what I am taking a shot of. I get so immersed with the presence and the details of what is right in front of me and the truth and beauty of the world.

I get lost in my own curiosity of how humans build “this” and “that” and how mysterious the universe is by its creation in nature.

Photography is very meditative for me and I hope that through my photos, you get a glimpse of that peace, curiosity, and awe that I get when I am behind the camera.

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