Meditation with Nereyda

The practice of meditation is so close to my heart.
It feels as if I have discovered a gift within myself and now I want to share and guide others to discover this gift within themselves.
I’ve been guiding meditation for over three years now in Vietnam and now in California, and have become a Meditation teacher certified from Dharma Moon.
Consistently practicing meditation has changed my life and as recent studies shown, it can also change yours.
It has lead me from chaos to clarity,
from curiosity to realizations and answers,
to feel peace & love within myself when I was so desperately trying to look for it outside of myself,
to feel comfortable and safe enough to release tears and openly feel pain and anger,
It’s also lead me to connect with myself and learn more of myself.
It’s simply has lead me to FEEL GOOD and to connect with my breath, to the present moment, to be here now. 💙
Whatever your intention is to learn about meditation or to meditate more,
step into it with curiosity & feel for it for yourself.
Allow me to guide you through the process 🙂

Enjoy a Light Guided Meditation

Meditation Course


This meditation course includes;

  • 5 one-on-one 60 minute sessions via Zoom (open to discuss other possible places)
  • 5 live personalized guided meditations
  • The introduction of meditation; What is meditation? Where was it originated? Different types of meditations, Why is it a thing? and more…
  • HOW and WHERE to meditate
  • The science of meditation: the benefits of what it does to our brain
  • Worksheet after the course to continue your meditation practices

I have some questions before signing up…

Meditation Events in the community! Stay Tuned!

Be Love, Share Love

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