Hello, I’m Nereyda

I love spending my time at café shops, soaking in the ambience and the sun shining through the windows. I love being outdoors, whether that be on a hiking trail in the mountains or simply sitting on the sand at the beach. I absolutely love photography; through photography I am able to connect to the present moment and see the beauty in the little things.
I also love to venture off, explore, and learn. One of the ways that I enjoy doing that is by reading books, listening to podcasts, and traveling.

I graduated CSUF with a major in Human Communications in 2017 and while studying at CSUF, I studied abroad during a summer in Italy. That experience opened so much of my own personal growth, it also made me curious to live abroad, so I did! I lived in Vietnam for about a year before the COVID pandemic shook the world.

Through my experiences in relationships, leaving a five-year relationship & also walking away from an engagement, letting go of friendships, and setting boundaries with friends and family,
Career changes: quitting my stable long term bank job to discover something more fulfilling,
Travels around the world; solo traveling to Cancun, Vietnam, India, & more
and through my own inner healing throughout the pandemic, getting in touch with deep pain from being relinquished as a baby, I have gained such a desire to be a connections life coach guiding you through the unknown of the different seasons in your live when you feel lost, uncertain, and trying to look for answers. I have gained such a desire to be a healer and I’m currently working on getting certified to do deeper processing inner work.

Listening to my heart’s whispers, my deepest desires and dreams,
I had to become aware of my own fears, doubts, insecurities, uncertainty, and judgement. Sometimes feeling lost and more uncertain than ever trying to desperately find answers and affirmations outside of myself.

However, the more I listened to my heart’s whispers, the more I stepped into the unknown, and my heart’s curiosity, the more I became aware of my fears, etc. – the more I started to connect with myself to find answers within, and create a life that is meaningful, vibrant, and joyful.

This journey has led me on a path that I never imagined of, giving myself permission to be human and to also experience the fullness of life and I have such a passion to share that you can do that too.
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