Connecting with Self Life Coaching

If you’ve been feeling depressed lately,
like your light or soul has been dimmed, or
if you feel desperate to find some answers,
these sessions are for you.
I’ll guide you through the feelings to gain yourself back again,
I’ll guide you to ignite your light and soul,
and I’ll guide you to the answers you have been looking for WITHIN you.

Time and time again, I’d look for answers outside of myself. Hoping that someone knew what I didn’t, never realizing that what I was looking for outside, I actually had within myself.
This connection time and time again, guided me through seasons of darkness and uncertainty, it guided me to genuinely feel freedom and joy in my life, and to the best relationship I have ever had with myself.

At no cost at all, we can have our first initial phone call.
The space is open so you can share what has been going on in your life
and I can share with you further how my coaching sessions look like including; tools, techniques, modalities, further questions, and more!

Book our first talk below!

Sessions start at $25 an hour,
depending on what you prefer (meeting in person or through zoom) and depending on how many weeks you sign up for,
prices may vary.

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