Connecting with yourself – Coaching with Nereyda

Have you ever felt lost, disconnected, trying hard to find answers outside of yourself?

Yeah, me too.
Time and time again; through relationships, leaving jobs, changing careers, fear, or unable to set boundaries and walk forward with what I wanted to do.
I have felt lost, disconnected, always looking for an outside person or situation to basically tell me what was the “best” thing to do and to confirm my own choices to move forward.

Time and time again though, I have learned to connect with myself and have found the answers within. Not only have I walked forward, but I have walked forward with faith.
If you want to know more of my story, click here.

Through my experiences, it has lead me here to you.
Not only as a life coach, but as a guide and a mentor to guide you to that space where the answers lie within you. To get in touch with that part of you that desires to live joyfully, peacefully, and a fulfilled life.
Whatever it is that you are struggling with in this moment,
reach out and let’s talk about it.

At no cost at all, in our first phone call, you can share with me what has been going on in your life and I will share with you how sessions look like, what tools and techniques will be used, and more!
We can go from there to start sessions.
Remember, you are not alone through this season in your life.

It’s recommended that clients sign up for at least 6 weeks (a 60 minute session a week) so they can feel and track their own progress.
It’s like going to the gym, you have to stay consistent to see the progress!

Sessions are $22 an hour.
Sign up for 12 weeks and get a discount!

If you’re going through financial hardship, reach out.
We can still make it work. ♡

Be Love, Share Love

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