The Core

The Whispers in our Heart

We all have whispers in our hearts – also known as our intuition, our gut feeling, sixth sense, whatever you want to call it – to do something. This whisper is very subtle and very soft and it whispers Truth and what to do. Whether that be to leave a job, to go back to school, to break up with our partner, move abroad, to eat healthier, to write a book, etc.

Sometimes it’s hard to hear and listen to these whispers, especially if we have a habit of listening to our fears and judgments and fears and judgments of others. Sometimes we don’t identify them as fears, sometimes we identify them as “life” that come along with things we “have to”, “should”, “must”, do and along with a narrative that includes, “can’t” , “shouldn’t”, and “won’t” .

Sometimes we decide not to listen or act on our whispers because it is such an unknown and stepping into the unknown could be scary.

However, once we decide be aware of the fear, listen to these whispers in our hearts, and step into that space of love and the unknown, our life transforms.

The Vibrant Unknown

The journey of the unknown transforms into the Vibrant Unknown.

A vibrant unknown that is filled with colorful interactions with people who forever leave footprints in your heart. It leads you to vibrant experiences and places you never imaged or dreamed of, and it leads you to one of the most vibrant relationships you will ever have, the one with yourself.

Sometimes, stepping into the vibrant unknown is not easy. It takes work, commitment, faith, and trust. However, once we decide to listen and take action, we get filled with the flow of the Universe, and realize that all of it is grace and it is all leading us where we are meant to be in that moment in time. The more we step into the Vibrant Unknown, the more our life gets filled with curiosity, faith, resilience, adventure, and love.

Be Love, Share Love, Love everyone.

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