Nereyda Ramirez

My name is Nereyda and I’m glad you’re here. As you might already know, I am a life coach and a meditation teacher certified from Dharma Moon with David Nichtern.

I am a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a friend, a world traveler, and a loving, compassionate soul.

I am also a speaker;
speaking about spiritual topics, careers, college, traveling, and following your dreams at various church retreats, youth events, and in schools.

I am a storyteller and a writer;
hosting Tea Time with Nereyda every Thursday at noon (PT) on IG and currently writing the book, The Vibrant Unknown – stay tuned!

I love spending my time at café shops, soaking in the ambience and the sun shinning through the windows. I love to spend my time outdoors, whether that be on a hiking trail in the mountains or simply sitting on the sand at the beach.
I absolutely love photography and all the photos on this website (except the ones of me) were taken by me through my travels.

I graduated CSUF with a major in Human Communications a couple of years ago.
While at CSUF, I studied abroad during the summer in Italy, that experience made me curious to live abroad, so I did!

I’ve travelled around the world and lived in Vietnam for about a year before the COVID pandemic hit the world.

Through my experiences in
relationships; leaving a five year relationship & also walking away from an engagement,
career changes; quitting my bank job to discover something more fulfilling,
travels around the world; solo traveling to Cancun, Vietnam, India, & more.
I’ve learned, discovered, and have gained such desire to be a life coach, a guide, and a healer.

Listening to my heart’s desires, my deepest desires,
I had to become aware of my own fears, doubts, insecurities, and uncertainty.
Sometimes feeling lost and more uncertain than ever trying to desperately find answers outside of myself.

However, the more I listened to my heart’s desires and the more I became aware of my fears, etc –
the more I started to connect with myself, find answers within, and create a life that is meaningful, vibrant, and joyful.

This journey has lead me on a path that I never imagined of, giving myself permission to be human and to also experience the fullness of life.

It has also lead me with a desire to guide others to do the same. To step into the unknown of their own desires and discover on their own how it becomes the vibrant unknown leading them to be more human and to live a meaningful and joyful life.

The Whispers in our Heart

We all have whispers in our hearts – also known as our intuition, our gut feeling, sixth sense, whatever you want to call it – to do something.

This whisper is very subtle and very soft and it whispers Truth and what to do. Whether that be to leave a job, to go back to school, to break up with our partner, move abroad, to eat healthier, to write a book, etc.

It’s hard to hear and listen to these whispers, we have such a habit of listening to fear, doubt, and the worst case scenarios to “stay safe”.

Sometimes we don’t even identify them as fears, sometimes we just see it as part of “life”.
The freedom and the path to walk a meaningful and joyful life lies in being aware that this is not life entirely and it actually holds us back rather than “keeping us safe”.

It’s scary, it requires us to leave our comfort zone, and step into the unknown.

However, once we decide to listen to our deepest desires, become aware of the fear, and step into the unknown, the journey transforms into the Vibrant Unknown.

The Vibrant Unknown

The journey of the unknown transforms into the Vibrant Unknown.

A vibrant unknown that is filled with colorful interactions with people who forever leave footprints in your heart.

It leads you to vibrant experiences and places you never imaged or dreamed of, and it leads you to one of the most vibrant relationships you will ever have, the one with yourself.

Stepping into the vibrant unknown is not easy. As mentioned, it requires us to step outside of our comfort zone and be in feelings / emotions / situations that we have not touched on fully before.

Going on this journey is a journey that is life changing and that you will experience first hand for yourself. The more raw you get, the more your release, the more room you have to create meaning, happiness, and joy.

Be Love, Share Love

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