Life Coaching with Nereyda

Mission Statement:
I guide individuals who feel lost, disconnected, and fearful of the unknown of their heart’s desires to heal and connect within themselves – leading them to live joyfully in their Truths, creating a vibrant and meaningful life.

Connect, Create, and Cultivate joy, peace, & love
Explore and become the best version of yourself
Discover your hobbies & passions
Identify & gain clarity on your goals & the “next step”
Change & maintain new habits
Release doubt, worry, & fear
Develop stronger mindfulness & communication skills

Throughout my journey, I walked away from two major relationships: a five-year relationship, and an engagement. Quit a job that no longer served me even when I had no back-up plan, I traveled solo to Cancun, moved abroad to Vietnam, continued to travel on my own, and took many little steps along the way into the unknown.

I took many steps into the unknown, even when I was filled with fear, doubt, and worry.

Time and time again, I would desperately seek for guidance outside of myself – feeling like someone or something knew the answer that I didn’t know.

Time and time again, the tools and the resources I’d discover would guide me to my intution leading me to connect and have a relationship with myself.
Asking myself, “How am I doing?” – “What do I want to do?”

When was the last time you asked yourself how you were feeling? And what you wanted to do?
Two questions that can have profound life affects.

The relationship that we have with ourselves is very important as it can navigate us through the ups and downs of life, to see things differently, to live joyfully and peacefully, and to live a more meaningful life.

These same experiences have led me to be here, pursing a path in life coaching –
* Showing up as a tool and as a guide to support, guide, and encourage the desire in your heart
* To create a welcoming, non-judgmental, loving space where you can speak out loud & simply be yourself
* To provide a variety of useful tools & valuable resources, curious questions, & different perspectives
all leading you within & to the answers you are seeking to create the life you desire.

Through this journey together, we will work on the limited beliefs/thoughts and/or doubt, fears, and worries that stop you from where you want to go or want to be. I will guide you to get in touch with the love and peace that resides within you creating a deeper connection with yourself leading you to gain clarity, resilience, courage, faith, and more love.

My promise and my commitment through our journey together is to be love, share love, to create a nonjudgmental space, to tell the truth, and to serve by doing the best of my abilities.

Are you interested, but not sure how it all works?
Schedule a discovery call.
A discovery call is a 20 minute complementary phone call with the intention to get to know each other and to determine if we are a suitable to work together.

Much love!

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