Life Coaching with Nereyda

What does it mean to connect with yourself?
How do you connect with yourself?

Share your answers with me! You will receive an email with tools on ways to connect with yourself.

Throughout my journey, I walked away from two relationships: a five-year relationship, and an engagement. Quit a job that no longer served me even when I had no back-up plan, I traveled solo to Cancun, moved abroad to Vietnam, continued to travel on my own, and took many little steps along the way into the unknown.

I took leaps of faith from that place of connection, even when my mind was filled with endless thoughts of “right” or “wrong”, fear of failure, solitude, endless thoughts of “should’s” and “shouldn’t” and thoughts of what ‘others’ would think.
Time and time again, I would connect with myself and the Truth within me, even when it felt so hard to connect or to find.

I have learned, and I am still learning that this connection with ourselves and stepping into the unknown is vibrant, loving, and peaceful.

Our connection and relationship with ourselves and the Universe are a forever one. This connection navigates us through the ups and downs of life, and it guides us to see things differently, to see things with love, and it gives us permission to simply be human.
It also guides us to have more compassion, faith and more love for ourselves and the world.

These same experiences have led me to be here, pursing a path in life coaching guiding others to connect with themselves so they too could hear and feel the Truth, the answers, and the presence of love within.

Through this journey together, we will work on those limited thoughts and fears that stop you from where you want to go or want to be. Whether that is feeling more love and acceptance for yourself or quitting a job to pursue something more fulfilling. I will guide you to get in touch with the love that resides within you creating a deeper connection with yourself allowing you to gain clarity, resilience, courage, faith, and more self-love.

I will apply Christine Hassler’s coaching techniques that include all the emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual aspects.
Along with these techniques, I will apply other tools that I have learned and used through my own personal journey.

My promise and my commitment through our journey together is to love and create a loving nonjudgmental space, to tell the truth, and to serve by doing the best of my abilities.

“Let us create the space of love, creating steppingstones to your hearts desires, and illuminating the love within” – Nereyda

Are you interested, but not sure how it all works? Are you ready and want to discuss about what you want to work on?
Schedule a discovery call.
A discovery call is a 20 to 30 minute complementary phone call with the intention to get to know each other and to determine if we are a suitable to work together.

Much love!

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