Are you ready to connect with yourself?

My name is Nereyda, and I strive to guide others to connect with their being, their soul, their heart center, especially when life feels chaotic, lost, or dim.
I do this through private one on one coaching sessions, through guiding one on one meditations and group meditations, as a speaker through my videos on YouTube, Instagram, & live events, and through my bi-weekly emails.
I am currently writing my book first book, The Vibrant Unknown and will start training this summer on Rubenfeld Synergy to provide further somatic practices.

I hope as you explore my website and pages, you find inner courage to keep going, permission to simply be, excitement to live joyfully and explore the littles and the bigs of the world. I hope you find your horizon widen, and moments of being in the present moment.

Follow me through the journey of the vibrant unknown!

What people are saying

“Nereyda’s has a gift and the guided meditation I did with her was amazing. It felt peaceful and safe and after the session I felt rejuvenated. Nereyda is wise beyond her years! I would highly recommend Nereyda to anyone wanting to get into meditation or looking to level up their life!”

Alex (Meditation)

“Working with Nereyda has been a great experience.

There are many great qualities that she holds, she has a way of making you feel comfortable and understood. Her laugh can make your day better.

She is a great listener and makes you see things in perspective.

She reminds you that it is okay to feel your feelings, but also that there are many things to be grateful for. She is an amazing coach and an amazing person striving to make you the best version of yourself.”

Esly (Coaching)

“Nereyda has a natural gift of attracting positive energy.

I started attending her guided meditations over a year ago.

Her gentle guidance provides an open and safe atmosphere for mindfulness.

I have trouble with concentration during meditation and her technique of letting conflicting thoughts pass through the sky like clouds truly helped me focus and begin to manifest the peace inside me. These meditation sessions have been crucial in helping to cope with a terrible period of grief and loss in my life.

She encourages you to tap into the positive energy buried deep inside and open up again to the possibilities of the universe.”

Jody (Meditation)

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Over four years of guiding and leading others through meditation & over two years of coaching others to find their center.

Allow me to guide you to what you are looking for outside of yourself, #within.

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